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DermaTuff Arm Sleeves for Skin Tears. Oatmeal or Black. Large Only.

Arm sleeves in large only available -while stocks last
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Product Details
Brand: DermaTuff

The patented DERMATUff sleeves for protection against skin tears, skin flaps and lacerations are made from impact resistant yarns purpose spun from a hard aramid, Kevlar by DuPont together with Nylon and a specialist weaving system. The weaving system utilises the purpose spun yarn to create a flat woven base with the yarn also 'looped' through it producing a mesh of loops on the inside of the stocking and a flat, slightly ribbed surface on the outside. Please note that Sleeves and Arm Protectors are two different names for the same product, not two different products. The looping creates a cushioning and impact resistant effect and the purpose spun yarn further impact, cut, tear and abrasion resistance. The combination of the materials and construction work in a similar manner to body armour. The sleeves are designed for multiple usages with washing between each usage. Above 180 washings the sleeves may begin to loose their efficacy. This would equate to one year's use if just two pairs are used and washed after each day's usage. They can also be used as leg protectors instead of stockings if the dimensions are right.All materials used comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES - Tested for Harmful Substances. Registered with the MHRA as a Medical Device Class I. Supplied in Pairs - Available in Oatmeal or Black colours. Large only available

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