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HipSaver Styles - 
As Varied as the People Who Wear Them

Ease of use and adaptability are just two of the benefits enjoyed by all HipSaver users, from Nursing Home staff to active, independent seniors. Although we emphasise the importance of our products for the elderly, HipSavers are the right hip protection choice for all with concerns about falling or with medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, or Cerebral Palsy, which make them unsteady on their feet. 

HipSavers are available in a selection of sizes and styles, designed to fit the lifestyles and specific needs of those who use them. Sizes range from XS to XXL and fit hip measurements from 70cm to 156cm (28” to 57”). Larger sizes are available upon request. Along with hip protection, many HipSaver styles offer optional tailbone protection as well. For instance, HipSaver Track Pants and Hipsaver Shorts merge hip protection with style and are each available with optional tailbone protection if required. HipSaver track pants are available with optional knee protection as well if required. 

All HipSaver garments are fully machine washable and tumble dryable in both home and institutional laundries up to 95'C. That means real infection control can be acheived without fear of product degeneration.

Which HipSaver should you choose?

To help determine the exact HipSaver style you require download our HipSaver Selection Guide or view our HipSaver Brochure, or simply use the links below to browse our online catalogue for details on the specific HipSaver styles and pricing information.

Model wearing HipSaver Nursing Home style

HipSaver Nursing Home
Designed for the mobility and comfort of residents plus convenience and peace of mind for caregivers.

Picture of Hipsaver Quickchange for easy incontinece pad change

HipSaver QuickChange
The convenience of a snap down crotch panel allows quick and easy changing of incontinence pads and diapers.

HipSaver Slimfit on model

HipSaver SlimFit

Designed for optimum style and comfort, HipSaver SlimFit looks good, feels good and pulls on just like regular underwear.

HipSaver Open Bottom - for those with urge incontinence

HipSaver Open-Bottom 

Perfect for those with urge incontinence or challenges in getting clothing on and off.

Hipsaver with tailbone pad

HipSaver with Tailbone Protection
Protection for both hips plus tailbone protection for backwards falls.

HipSaver Interim for hospital admissions on model

HipSaver Interim
Immediate hip protection for newly admitted nursing home residents and hospital patients.

Hipsaver tracks pants in blue

HipSaver Track Pants
Proven hip protection in comfortable, casual style, pre-shrunk for perfect fit.

HipSaver shorts with airpad technology for Australian conditions

HipSaver Shorts 
Hip protection in comfortable, casual style with the same proven all-soft AirPad technology as our other models.

Pretty in pink HipSaer exclusive to Australia
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