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HipSaver History

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A hip fracture is one of the most catastrophic, life-changing and life-threatening health hazards facing the elderly. That’s why, over 13 years ago in the USA, Ed Goodwin, Founder and President of The HipSaver Co. Inc., and inventor of HipSaver, decided to design and engineer a hip protector which was effective, comfortable, affordable and easy to use. At that time, the only hip protection being developed positioned a hard shell over the hip bone. The discomfort of hard shells resulted in low compliance rates and slow adoption of hip protectors in general. 

As a consumer product designer, Ed believed that new space-age materials could be used to design an all-soft hip protector that would help to protect against hip fractures. He envisioned truly comfortable protection that would reduce impact – yet be as easy to put on, wear and launder as regular underwear. 

That’s how HipSaver was born. Now, with more than 11 years of development and refinement, HipSaver can offer you all-soft protection that has been proven superior to hard shell technology in both independent biomechanical testing and clinical study. 

Today, falls prevention and risk management teams, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, clinical managers and other health care professionals are recommending and using HipSaver hip protectors in not only over 5000 nursing homes, hospitals and seniors communities, but also in the wider community worldwide. 

In Australia we totally endorse Ed Goodwin's advice: 
“Please take your selection of hip protection very seriously. Get the facts. Compare products and prices. Read the written tests and studies and be sure that they refer to that specific product and not just hip protectors in general. Ask for references and follow up on them. Do it for your clients, your reputation and your true concern for quality care” 

Ian Lancaster 
HipSaver Australia

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