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DermaSaver's Revolutionary MicroSpring™ Textile Offers Breathability, Moisture Transfer and Anti-Microbial Protection not possible with gels, foams, fleece.


Here's why nurses, therapists and caregivers are generally dissatisfied with traditional skin protection products: 


  • Heel protectors constantly fall off, providing no protection and wasting time and money.

  • Limb sleeves are too tight and cause skin tears upon removal.

  • Limb sleeves "bunch up" or slip down

  • Skin protective products are not washable or wash poorly.

  • Elbow pads roll off the elbow.

  • Residents find skin protective products hot and uncomfortable.

  • Products are "one size fits all" and don't fit anyone quite right.

  • Finger separators flatten out.

  • Lack of products to properly protect certain areas (for example amputation stumps,back and sacrum pressure areas).


To address these issues DermaSaver in the USA have invented DermaSaver™, a complete line of skin protection and pressure reducing products. By creative application of MicroSpring™ textiles they have created something that has never existed before - a surface that relieves all of the factors leading to pressure sores and skin tears i.e. pressure, shear, friction, and moisture entrapment. The compression resistive force of DermaSaver's MicroSpring Textile closely matches that of soft tissue, making DermaSaver like a soft protective extra skin layer.

DermaSaver has become so popular and succesful there is now a dedicated DermaSaver web site full of information , videos and case studies. click here to view

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